As an online Italian Holiday destination Labro is inspired by the land of ‘dolce far niente’. With our inspiration platform and own collections, our modern lifestyle brand is for the ones who like unique, high quality and conscious products, where we aim to support and collaborate and join forces with small businesses and artists as much as possible. 


The brand is founded by Lisa Galenkamp in 2018 and includes a Webshop, Mercato, Exclusive Lobby, a wholesale collection, Journal and more. The team – including its suppliers – strives to source for the best materials in the lands under the Mediterian sun, the most beautiful handmade products and ensures an eco- and human friendly production process. 


Our love to revive vintage products and materials provides us with lots of opportunities. We’re not focusing on being ‘on trend’ but we let our own style lead us to new and inspiring products. No fast fashion or mass production, but a collection which support both small entrepreneurs and treasure seekers who love having unique items. This small, mostly handmade, production processes resulting in limited stocks, no overproducing and no strict seasonal collections. Which results in the fact that we are able to offer a drop of new products more often as a supplement to our never out of stock collection.


In the beginning of 2020, we started working with ‘The Better Packaging Company’ which provides us with compostable packaging. With this packaging we are able to extend our vision of sustainability after your order leaves our door. We believe that every step from beginning to end is necessary to provide a transparent and sustainable policy. 


Alongside we started shipping with ‘Fietskoerier’ which are bicycle couriers in the Netherlands. We’ll aim to deliver 80% of our orders this way, which helps to reduce traffic and limit CO2 emissions. In the future we hope to ship all our orders in a green way, when international opportunities of bicycle couriers grow. 


At the moment our collection is sold in several stores throughout Europe and online worldwide. 


We cannot wait to share our new ‘treasures’ with you!


Lisa & team