Atelier Labro is founded from the mind of designer and stylist Lisa Galenkamp and is inspired by the true Italian lifestyle. Lisa’s love of pure materials, classic shapes and vintage treasures were the foundation of the first collections of Atelier Labro.

Step by step the brand grows and develops its materials, products and experience. The team – including its suppliers – strives to source the best materials, the most beautiful handmade products and will ensure an eco- and human friendly production process. Our love to revive vintage products and materials provides us with lots of opportunities.

We work together with artists from all over the world. Some of them have official companies with real production opportunities, while others are creatives that put all their passion into our handmade designs. This may explain our, sometimes, limited stocks and fast moving collection. Our products are pure and sharply priced. We aim to be a transparent company in which you can trust and believe. At the moment our collection is sold in several stores throughout Europe and we cannot wait to share our new ‘treasures’ with you!