Italians in Marrakech

It feels like a decade ago that we were even allowed to travel. Making a trip to a new place and becoming inspired by local traditions feels like a freedom we can only dream about. It is more than a year ago that I made this trip to Marrakech with one of my dear friends. We knew the familiar stories of the city, about the Souks, the food and the Riad’s. We wanted to become inspired and discover as much as possible.

After a dreamy lunch at one of the roof terraces, we ran into the shoe shop of Mohammed. A Moroccan guy who makes all kinds of shoes, slippers and babouches. It felt like the perfect souvenir from our trip and I couldn’t resist to buy an extra batch for our webshop.

As Italy lovers we’re always looking for the best Italian restaurants or hotels. While visiting Marrakech you have to visit some of our Italian friends. Hotel Numa in Medina is run by Mauro and Claudia, an Italian couple. Together with local craftsman they designed a place of peace and relaxation.

After enjoying the local food for a few days, you may find yourself craving Italian delicacies. I Limoni  is a restaurant with a touch of Italy. You might ask for a glass of wine but it’s clearly visible that the local waiters are not really comfortable with bringing it to the table.

To experience la dolce vita including some fresh wines you have to visit La Trattoria. A restaurant with a story that dates back to 1974, where you are welcomed in one of the last Art Deco villas in the heart of Gueliz.

It’s a short story about some of our Italian friends in Marrakech. Find out more about our Moroccan souvenirs in our shop.


Lisa is the founder and creative mind behind our platform and brand. Her love for Italy was one of the biggest inspirations for Labro's vision and concept.

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