Claudia Brok

Journal Claudia

Based in Amsterdam, Claudia’s heart is in Italy. From an early age she traveled with her family from Brabant to Lago Maggiore. ‘The heartwarming people and the characterful culture make me feel at home’ she says. 

Claudia is in love with the beautiful landscapes of Toscana, Roma, Bologna and Amalfi. ‘The most magical place in Italy is by far Trebiano, Cinque Terre. I always visit a woman with an idyllic home. The oases of peace, view on the beach and stray turtles are everything I need’. 

Her passion for fashion and creativity originated in Italy, that’s why Atelier Labro and Claudia joined forces. Besides putting her love in content for Labro, she is working on her own bag company called ‘Venami Tote’, inspired by Italy. Venami Tote will be sold at our souvenir shop as soon as it is available. 

Claudia’s tips for Italy: have a breakfast with a croissant ‘Pistachio e il caffè’. Sleep at Hotel La Ninfa at the Amalfi coast. Try to get a room in November and sleep with open doors so you can hear the sea. Have dinner with locals in small authentic restaurants and sing along with Italian songs. Even doing nothing in Italy is pure joy.